10 Household Chores Nannies Should Not Do

Nannies are hired to care for children in the home. Some of their duties related to caring for the children may include cooking them meals and cleaning up after them, but in general, household chores are not something a nanny should expect to be a part of her contract. Here is a list of some common household chores that nannies should not be expected to do. 

  1. Snow removal – Even when a nanny is a male, snow shoveling or blowing snow from a driveway should not be part of the nanny’s duties. This is a household chore that has nothing to do with childcare and would actually take them away from their time caring for the children.
  2. Mowing lawns – This is the summer version of exterior household chores that should not be delegated to a nanny. Mowing the lawn has no relation to childcare and should not be expected of a nanny.
  3. Washing windows – Again, this a household chore that is in no way related to childcare. To request this of a nanny would be asking for an extra that does not fit the nanny’s expertise and certainly would not fit within the current wage agreement.
  4. Family meals – Preparing meals for the children when the parents aren’t at home is a normal part of nanny duty, but being expected to prepare meals for the entire family would not be a normal nanny duty. To expect this from your nanny would require extra pay for her to serve as your cook, as well.
  5. Cleaning the refrigerator – Cleaning up a spill when it happens, should be expected from your nanny, but not a thorough, monthly or weekly cleaning of your refrigerator. This would be beyond the normal expectations of a nanny.
  6. Paying the bills – A nanny is not a personal secretary and should not be expected to take on this task. It is also not a responsibility that a nanny is necessarily qualified to handle or would feel comfortable handling for her employer.
  7. Grocery shopping – The family grocery shopping would not be a normal duty expected from a nanny. The nanny is there to watch the children, while the parents do their own grocery shopping without the kids in tow.
  8. Washing the car – Unless the nanny is doing this with the children for a fun-filled chore time, this should not be something you find a nanny doing, especially on a regular basis.
  9. Shampooing the carpets – Sweeping or vacuuming the floors after the kids have left a mess would be a normal nanny duty. Shampooing carpets is far outside the scope of normal nanny duties.
  10. Anything not in the contract – Any household chores that an employer would request of their nanny should be spelled out very specifically in the employment agreement before hand. If the nanny is to serve as both housekeeper and nanny, the pay rate should also reflect the double duty that is being provided.

Nannies are hired to provide in-home childcare, any duties that are unrelated to that definition need to be specifically agreed upon and proper compensation provided for those additional duties.