10 Favorite Duties of a Live In Nanny

Nannies have numerous duties that can keep them quite busy throughout the day, particularly if they have more than one child under their care. Within all the usual mundane tasks are those favorites that keep the job exciting, fresh, and enjoyable as well as beneficial. Here is a list of 10 favorite duties:

  1. Attending/participating in sports activities – Like any other person supportive of a child’s success in athletics, nannies are great cheerleaders. Those with an inclination toward physical activity truly enjoy working out with the children and are often helpful in keeping them motivated.
  2. Reading to children – Reading and storytelling are two great ways to introduce quiet time. After activities are over and chores have been done, a good story can be a calming period to usher in naptime, bedtime or just down time.
  3. Music – Whether it’s singing together or sharing talents through musical instruments or karaoke, many nannies enjoy exploring the world of music with their charges. Some nannies enjoy passing on the love of a favorite instrument by teaching the child how to play.
  4. Playing games – As part of keeping children entertained, some families allow nannies to play video games with them. In moderation, this can be fun and educational and with new technology gamers can be physically active. With the more traditional board games nannies and children enjoy interacting with one another on a more personal level. Nannies also help children build critical thinking skills with more strategic games like chess.
  5. Creativity – Nannies often get to express and enjoy themselves as much as the children do, when participating in arts and crafts. It is affirming to help a child to create something special and then see that look of satisfaction over the finished project.
  6. Mentoring – Nannies are important role models for the children they serve and many take pride in their esteemed position. There is a certain gratification derived from knowing that one is making a difference in the life of a child.
  7. Baking – Food has a way of really bringing people together, and baking is often a child’s first venture into the world of culinary arts. Nannies along with children get to enjoy both the process and the product of quality time spent together baking.
  8. Outings – Few people enjoy being cooped up in a house all day long. The nanny is no exception. The afternoon walk to the park with the children or time spent outdoors is often a welcome duty of the live in nanny.
  9. Playing with the children – As simple as it is, many nannies just enjoy the interaction with children. Playing with children can keep a person young, and the giggles and laughter of children can brighten up even the darkest of days. The element of fun in dealing with them plays a big part in job satisfaction.
  10. Vacationing – Although a nanny is still on duty during family vacation time, the change of scenery and the new experiences can be exciting and rewarding. Traveling, whether locally or abroad, gives nannies opportunities to broaden their own horizons and add to their personal and professional development.

Each nanny is different with individual likes and dislikes. Some may not be too excited about sports while others may go as far as coaching the child’s team. Others may instill a love for music in the children, while still others may not know a musical note from a can of peas. Knowing the nanny’s favorite duties and making the most of them, as appropriate, helps create an even greater positive work experience. It also helps cultivate a more devoted relationship between the nanny and children. The significance of cultivating a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with the nanny shows up in a contented family environment.