30 Blogs with the Best Ideas for School Snacks

School snacks are important for a child. They provide energy and stimulation for the brain that will help your child absorb the lessons they learn throughout the school day. A good balance of energy and nutrition is essential, so mixing up lunch snacks is a must. To provide your child with all that they need to manage a day at school, check out these 30 blogs.

Planning Snacks

It’s easy to forget what you’ve given your child for a snack each day with everything else that you have on your plate as a parent. That’s why organizing school snacks is a great way to keep track of your child’s nutritional intake. A simple calendar will do, but a system that is, by design, tailored towards school lunches would work much better. There are some excellent ideas for planning school snacks, as well as a number of free printables, in these five blogs.

Juiced Lunch Snacks

Juicing is a cheap and effective way to get inventive with school snacks. It’s something different, but there is also the opportunity to introduce some new ingredients into your child’s diet. The choices for juiced snacks are virtually unlimited, too. Plus, you can also reduce food waste by using ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown out. Put your juicing skills to the test with these five blogs.

Healthy Lunch Snacks

If you’re a parent who wants to introduce your child to a much healthier diet, school snack time presents the ideal opportunity. Your child can receive their five fruit and vegetable servings a day without even realizing that they are eating such a healthy diet. Start your child off on a healthy lifestyle while he is still young by introducing some of the great ideas in these five blogs to his snack-time menu.

Sweet Lunch Snacks

Sugar can have its place in a child’s diet, but only in moderation, of course. An occasional sweet choice for school snack-time won’t damage a child’s otherwise healthy diet. Plus, not all sweet treats are bad. You can still provide healthy choices with a little added sugar just for taste. So make sure to sweeten up his week by allowing him to indulge in the treats featured on these five blogs.

Freezer Friendly Snacks

When you’re planning ahead, it certainly helps to know that you can freeze some of your snack choices. Freezing any food stuff saves you a lot in labor and reduces waste. Unless you want to be perpetually busy and broke, you’d be wise to stockpile whatever snacks you can. Don’t think from day to day – think from term to term. Remember, it’s all about balance and organization, so get ahead of the game with these five excellent blogs.

Mixed Bag

Once you’ve mastered the organizing, creating and stockpiling of snacks, you can really start to diversify the menu. Imagine being the parent of the kids who brings the coolest snacks at school! Variety is most definitely the spice of life. Your kids will never get bored with a mixed bag of snacks for every school day. You’re going to want to bookmark these five blogs, because they’re packed full of great ideas for school snacks that will keep your kids happy for the entire school year.

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