10 Reasons My Kids are Better Than Yours

Are you one of those uber-proud parents of an honor roll student, complete with bumper sticker? We thought so. Well, congratulations for having raised the next Albert Einstein. Just don’t get too cocky, because I’ve got news for you. I’ll give you 10 reasons why my kids are better than yours:

  1. One word: genetics. The old adage still applies – “Garbage in, garbage out”. Not that I mean to brag or anything, but my kids have a varsity athlete, poet, mathematical wizard, and published writer for a Dad. And I’m the shallow end of their gene pool.
  2. Your kids may grow up to be doctors or lawyers, which is nice, of course; but mine will have grown up knowing the value of their health, and having lived a life of honesty and integrity.
  3. My kids all know how to cook, balance a checkbook, and fend for themselves. Self-sufficiency and adaptability are more valuable in life than social standing or financial advantages that can be lost in a moment.
  4. Each of my kids has been raised to value and respect their fellow human beings. They are compassionate, sensitive, caring and fair-minded souls who won’t chase after material wealth at someone else’s expense.
  5. Beyond mere book knowledge, my kids have common sense as well. They know that there’s more to succeeding in life than getting a degree. It takes imagination, creativity and wisdom that you can’t gain from reading textbooks.
  6. My kids are better than yours because, ironically, they were taught to never think of themselves as being superior to others. That’s particularly so regarding those less fortunate than themselves.
  7. They were actually allowed to have a childhood, to be kids. To explore, to hold onto their innocence and sense of wonder. They day-dreamed, they imagined, laughed, cried; held hands, hugged, caught lightning bugs (but let them go free), and think for themselves (but respect their elders).
  8. My kids read books, play outside, exercise, raise animals. and care for the elderly. They would rather create than destroy, so they play musical instruments rather than video games.
  9. My kids have learned not to judge others by skin color, religion, financial status or title. Each person they meet is an individual to whom they will show respect, although they understand that respect is ultimately earned.
  10. The truth, though, is that my kids are better than yours because they’re mine. I’m a proud, biased , and decidedly whimsical parent of wonderful children – and I hope more than anything that you feel the same way about yours.
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