10 Kid-Related Excuses to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

The sight of those flashing blue lights in a rearview mirror sends most adults scrambling for a plausible excuse that will get them out of a citation. If there’s a kid involved, the possibilities seem to multiply endlessly. Here are ten ways the smaller set can save you from a costly fine.

  1. He’s Sick – Even the most hardened law enforcement officer is likely to be softened by the tale of a child that doesn’t feel well. Claiming that your child has a high fever or is feeling nauseous can be effective, but only if he actually appears to be ill.
  2. She Has to Use the Restroom – Especially useful if your child is at a potty-training age, using your child’s need to visit the restroom can appeal to the officer’s sensitivity as well. If they’re a parent themselves, you’re even more likely to get by with a warning.
  3. You Forgot to Pick Them Up – Getting the dreaded phone call from a teacher or coach reminding you to pick up your child can make you feel like a horrible parent. However, if you’re breaking the speed limit to get to them, a police officer might be sympathetic.
  4. They’re Late for School – Trying to get your brood to school on time can be a challenge, so if you’re driving a bit too fast in order to beat the last bell, you might find yourself in an officer’s sights. Explaining that you’re trying to get your children to class might keep you from a fine.
  5. You’re in Labor – Women in the later stages of pregnancy can use it to cover all manner of sins. Claiming you’re in labor might get you out of a ticket, but it might also get you a police escort to the hospital.
  6. They’re in Trouble – Telling the police that you’re rushing to get to your child because they’re in some sort of mild trouble can be useful, as long as you’re careful not to over-embellish your story.
  7. You Left a Comfort Object Behind – Kids that have an attachment to a comfort object like a blanket or stuffed animal can have a terrifying meltdown when that object is left somewhere. If your toddler is howling when the officer approaches the window, this excuse might be useful.
  8. They Need Medication – Telling a police officer that your child takes daily medication on a time-sensitive schedule can potentially help you avoid a ticket.
  9. Trying to Buy Diapers Before the Store Closes – Parents in rural areas without 24 hour convenience stores can employ this excuse with ease; explaining that your child needs diapers or some other essential item before a store closes might keep you from a fine.
  10. You Were Distracted By Their Behavior – Telling the police officer that you were unaware of how fast you were driving because you were distracted by the behavior of your children might get you out of a ticket, but it might also backfire. Admitting that your attention was focused on something other than driving safely should be done carefully.

There is no surefire excuse to get out of a ticket; a stern officer will most likely not be swayed by any excuses.

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